Impact 2 (Ages 8 to 10)

Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, Impact 2 Drumline is currently not active. Please return in the future when we hope to be back up and drumming.

What will the program include?

Every Sunday a video lesson specific to your marching percussion instrument. At the end of the video there will be a skill focused assignment to complete by Friday. On Wednesday, a rudiment breakdown video will be posted. To finish the week, you have access to book a 10-minute Zoom one on one with Corey. (more in person or online One on One Lessons are available through Corey.)

 After you submit your video assignment Corey will review it and respond with a video talking about your assignment.

 There will be a weekly zoom review social hosted by Corey.

What is expected of the performers?
  • Willingness to participate fully in the program described above.
  • Will need a practice pad for your instrument with stand, and access to the internet.
  • Able to pay $40 a month to Impact Percussion by e-transfer on the 1st of each month.

Membership Information

  • Impact 2 is a drumline program that is open to boys and girls.
  • No experience needed!
  • Impact 2 is for students in grade 3, 4, and 5
  • Spots are limited due to number of instruments.
  • Perform at local parades and 2 Drumline Competitions

Benefits of joining Impact 2

  • Make new friends.
  • Learn to drum and basic music theory.
  • Use of drums and sticks to learn and perform with.
  • Learn to work as a team.
  • Build confidence

A Parent’s View of Impact 2!


Video of Impact 2

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